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Looking for vector digitizing in the US?

If you’re a company, in let say america or Canada, and you need your image, photo or logotype, vectorized, always go to a professional service. Like myself I was going to say. I do that type of work quite regularly, vector digitizing images, paralleled with my main work as an illustrator and designer. So I really don´t need it, but someone else might!

If you are a designer yourself, who need something like a back-office to help you with those vector works coming in, it is really a good idea to turn to a fellow professional – like myself or another company. That way your client can rest assure that they can turn to you for most type of work.

Today I came in contact by chance, with an american company in California who offers this type of service: vector digitizing work. Vectorizing logotypes. Visit their website at Image Cleanup.

I chit chatted with them via the internet today, and it all sounded very reasonable. Contact them and try them out. And check for ”JESSE at image cleanup” (jesse …@…imagecleanup….com ), that´s the guy I chit chatted with.

Enjoy your coffee, or tea, wherever you are!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic Designer


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