Me drawing a Helicopter Live in my sketchbook

In this video I recorded myself drawing on free hand a Helicopter. Using my marker pens. (Touch pen by ShinHan and Faber-Castell) I originally recorded the video for a video made by M. Adam creating the video for Corel Corporation. Made for the Video presentation they did about me for their Hero´s video after they had appointed me to CorelDRAW Master.

Mark A. who made the Hero´s video only used a second or so for his video, so now almost 2 years later I felt it was in order I put the full video out there. For the shear fun of it. Because we artists can be like nerds about our material, here goes: No, its not a Moleskin sketchbook. Its a Swedish brand sketchbook.

For the making of this video I first used a Canon digital camera on a tripod. My Sketchpad and pens. And I used Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 for editing and compiling this video. The music I use is by Courtesy of YouTube music/Audia library

You can read about the related articles by clicking Here> . And at Corles blog here>.  Corel´s Hero´s videos are made to present users using their great illustration software. In my case CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. 


Hope you enjoy the movie!

Stefan Lindblad
Artist & illustrator

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