Millenium book “The girl in the Spiders web”, the fourth by David Lagercrantz

David Lagercrantz Portrait, illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad 2015
David Lagercrantz Portrait, illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad 2015

Today I read about David Lagercrantz and the Millenium book, and started to draw a portrait of him, as seen here. And came to ponder of how different the reactions over the book release is, depending on which country, and the context in which it is discussed.

Outside Sweden and sweden´s cultural elite and media frenzy, with back stabbing and mayhem type of comments and critique, the new Millenium book “The Girl in the Spiders Web”, written by Lagercrantz and not Stieg Larrsson, have hit the world scene. The original trilogy that Stieg Larsson himself sadly never got to see in print, have sold about 80 million copies worldwide. Staggering numbers really. I know, I know, we are closing in to 7 billion people living on this planet Tellus. But all the same, 80 millions is a very respectful digit to look at. So what does the world media and cultural and enterainment, style news say about this new Millenium book? Well the british respectful news paper The Guardian put it this way, and I quote;/

“Without ever becoming pastiche, the book is a respectful and affectionate homage to the originals. Two of the new characters deliberately nod to the Pippi Longstocking books, which were one of Larsson’s inspirations for Salander; and the Swedish title, Men Who Hate Women, of the first Millennium book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is alluded to in a number of references to misogny and maltreatment of women. There may still be arguments about whether continuation novels should be written at all, but Lagercrantz could not have fulfilled the commission any more efficiently.”

I hope it goes well for the book. I understand and respect fans of the book who may feel it odd to read this book by another author, writer, but its a very good writer and journalist, just like Stieg Larsson himself. You really couldnt ask for anyone better equipped, or in the type of leageu. Who understands the life and work both as an author as well as a journalist. I can also understand the fight between Stieg Larssons girlfriend who should have a chunk of the rigths to the book, considering the father and brother of Stieg Larsson didnt live with Mr Larsson those many years, basically as a married couple. With suspicions that the girlfriend may have contributed as well, somehow, to the story. But going on attack in the swedish media at David Lagercrantz the way its happening, that is stretching the moral behaviour. If any, go criticizing the publisher if you like. Lagercrantz is a person who cant be blamed, really.

Who is Lagercrantz then. Well he wrote the Zlatan Ibrahimovic book “I am Zlatan”, together with Mr. Ibrahimovic as the story goes. Which is the best sellling book about and by an athlete – ever! And brilliantly reached so many young kids as well as grown ups. And made an affect on the will of reading books.

And more importantly, he is a quality writer indeed in his own right, who just happened to get two offers he simply couldnt refuse; the book about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and the Millenium book. Now, would you had said no? I don´t think so.



Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, drawing, design


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