Moleskine plain journal – my buddy

I have used a lot of sketchbooks, drawing pads through the year´s. No question about it. I mean I dont even go out without them. They are a very central part of my daily life. Its been like this since I was a kid and saw that I could have a pad to draw in instead of the school books.

I took a picture on the sketchbook I uses nowadays, a Moleskine palin journal. I have wrote about it before. This picture of my pad with a pencil on top of it was taken when I and the women in my life Mia was out at the garden called Zetas were you by plants. They also have a very cosy and charming outdoor café, I love going there, although all to rare. This particular day we came a bit late but we hade time for a coffe and I draw a little, we checked the plants and Mia took photos.

If you dont live in Stockholm, Sweden you should on your next trip over here take the time to go out there to Zetas. You either go by car for 10-15 minutes from the stockholm city, or bike for an hour or the subway out to Ikea area in Skärholmen. Check there website >>

Stefan Lindblad
artist & illustrator

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  1. Found you!! 🙂

    Send my love to Mia too.. And yes, am def making another trip back.. you can bet on that!

  2. Vi satt bredvid varandra på Svenska Tecknare mötet och nu fann jag dig på nätet, tack för senast

  3. Tack själv, det var ett bra möte på Svenska Tecknare.

    Kul att se dina bilder på bloggen!


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