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Multiple changes to Vector objects simultainously using CorelDRAW for Mac and Windows

If your working with UI and UX design, or simply someone who needs to make multiple changes let say the width of a vector outline, or ”Vector Network” as Figma calls it, then CorelDRAW allow you to do this very easy and quickly

So, how do you do it – use Object Styles Docker (Docker equals Palette in the some competitive programs).
Start CorelDRAW for Mac or Windows and open a New Document. Select the tool of your choosing. Let´s choose the Pen Tool in the Toolbox. Draw a shape of your own imagination.

Now select the shape you created and drag and drop it into the Object Styles Docker. You will now notice how you can make any settings you may like to the object you created.

Now presume you created multiple copies of the same vector object, or other vector objects with other shapes in style or form. And your client or project manager calls you up or send a messsage or email asking you to change the width of all the outlines of each objects you created.

CorelDRAW for Mac and Windows makes it so easy for you and all of us. Simply go to the Object styles docker and select the ”Style Set” you created in Object Styles Docker by dragging and dropping the first object in the Docker. Look for ”Outline” and change the width. And all outlines in your document will change to the new width.

And the same goes for if you like to change the colour, transparency, Fills and what have you.
Have fun creating those design now. Be it UI/UX or something for the web or print world.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator and graphic designer
Official CorelDRAW Master

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