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My drawings from summer 2017, Orust, Sweden

Drawing by Stefan Lindblad

During july last year (2017), the summer period in Sweden, we headed down south and the west-Coast of Sweden. Not a super long coast to Coast American style from new york to Los Angeles. Rather short from Stockholm to Gothenburg (Göteborg). Still a coast to coast you like, but it takes approximately 6 hours instead of 44 hours, according to Google Maps. So there is a difference…

During the week at the island Orust for a week, I got to have the car by myself during the days. And I made daily excursion, discovering the beautiful island Orust. It is rather dramatic island. Especially if you arrive with car from Stockholm on te E20 and later E6. The mountainous island really show up an entrance.

On several of the places I arrived at I sat and made drawings of what was in front of me. And here is a video I compiled with my Huawei P10 smartphone, using Quick Pro app to make the video. Enjoy! I had an inspiration journey.


Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator and artist


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