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My new Coloring Book for Adults – Stockholm Urban Mix

Coloring books for adults, canvas illustration press imprint, Createspace, Amazon. Stockholm Urban Mix, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad. Book was drawn on paper, and redrawn and sometimes drawn directly using Wacom pen tablet and Corel Painter. Book with multiple pages, 116 pages and 58 drawings, was put together, layout and design, using CorelDRAW X8
The indie published book´s drawings, illustrations, inks & design by Stefan Lindblad.

My new Coloring Book for Adults – Stockholm Urban Mix, is finally out there! Its entire name, with Subtitle, is ”Stockholm Urban Mix: An Urban Adventure with Inks to Colour”.

It was published today, and instantly available on and Amazon EU and the UK. I am so happy and very proud of this book. I spent over two and a half months working with this book. Making drawings, illustrations of my hometown Stockholm, Sweden. Bicycling making research on site around town. Very early mornings to late evenings. Lot´s of coffee when taking a pause, and going through each days adventure.

If you like to buy the book?

The name of the book is ”Stockholm Urban Mix: An Urban Adventure with Inks to Colour”. You can buy the book at amazon in north america, the site and europe. See below links., Buy ”Stockholm Urban Mix”


I Publish the Colouring book under my own Imprint ”Canvas Illustration Press”. Indie Publishing in its best sense!

I started to think about creating a colouring book for adults, grown ups, five years ago. In december 2015 my girlfriend Mia and I went late afternoon to ”Fotografiska Museet”, the Photographic Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Situated at the harbor with a view towards the Old Town. After a great evening watching photos, we stopped like we always do at museums and looked at books, flipping the pages and sometimes buying something. And there I saw a colouring book. Like it was telling me something, reminding me. I told Mia it was about time I took time to make that colouring book I had been dreaming and talking about for the past five years.

And two and half months ago, it was that time. I dedicated the time needed and worked very focused everyday to make it a dream come true. Many cups of coffee at coffee shops, cafés around Stockholm city and suburbia. And one or two cinnamon buns. Many pencils, markers and pens hard at work in my sketchbooks. Eventually, because everything have to be digitized either scanned or redrawn when being printed, I really have to say thanks to my favorite graphics program CorelDRAW for the design and layout and creating print ready PDF files. And using Corel PAINTER to redraw my sketches. Sometimes draw from scratch in Painter. Sometimes using Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Especially when I had to convert hundreds of RGB drawings made with Corel PAINTER to Greyscale color mode – using Batch Process. And my Wacom pen tablet.

I know, I know, it is starting to sound like an Oscars Award speech… but it really is appropriate somehow. The various tools are my best ”friends”.

View a thumbnail map of some of the 58 illustrations in this book:

Being an illustrator and graphic designer I often don´t get time to make my own projects. Due to work for various clients take time. These two and half months with my colouring book project was well worth the focus it got, it was a pleasure from early mornings to late nights. And then my eyes got rest. And my hands. It was both inspiring and rewarding. Much easier to dig back into client work afterwards. Almost like having a vacation.

If you like to Test to colouring a page.

You can read more about my own Indie publishing, and imprint book projects. And Download a free page sample of a drawing to test colouring. Just click the link to my portfolio website

For you who buy the colouring book, like I wrote inside the book: ” I hope you enjoy colouring the drawings, as much as I had drawing them”.

Thank you!


Stefan lindblad
Illustration, graphic design

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