My old English website & blog is no more – it merged with the Main site

After years running a website with multiple languages – Swedish and English – I decided to continue doing it, with a big difference: keeping the Swedish language as the first language. And English not even having an “English” flag or link in the top header menu, like I use to have. This may be a non-issue, or mayor issue. But its time saving for me. And I’m sorry for any inconvenience. But it will work and already feels fab.

Those who like to read my site in English will be able to so, just have them work a little more. And heck, your doing it already as of right now. The important parts, the portfolio galleries are not language dependent anyway.

This decision I took because, instead of running several separate wordpress databases, I now run one, mainly. At one point I hade four databases for my portfolio and two blogs. And six databases in total for my website portfolio, including my online course site and tiny little store site dedicated to my colouring books in ebook format.

From today I run one database for my portfolio and blog site. And three in total when including the store and online course. That’s less to manage, helps me a lot, and convenient when blogging. I don’t use Polylang language plug in either.

Illustration by Stefan Lindblad

I have had my website with portfolio galleries since 1999, and blogging since 2005. For some years now I have cleaned up and stopped using various blog platforms and website platforms and databases and deleting them entirely from my we host account. I have constantly moved towards the solution I have as of today. It haven’t been so easy to go this route, emotionally. I have thought about this back and forth many moons now. And now it feel wonderful.

I understand this have ment I lost tons of my blog subscribers and others who used my most early bloggaddresses on google blogspot. And later wordpress. I see it in the statistics. But its also gaining visits and readers and hits on search engines again.

Thank you for your understanding, and welcome!

Stefan Lindblad

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