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My webinar: How to adjust photos in Corel® PHOTO-PAINT

My webinar I hold for Corel on how to use photo editing techniques in Corel PHOTO-PAINT is uploaded and published on Corel´s CorelDRAW Youtube channel. Absolutely free. Corel PHOTO-PAINT is equivalent to Adobe Photoshop and similar image editing programs. And included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7.

Note: Q &A will be held on June 5 at 1 – 2 EST, USA/Canada ( 19:00-20:00 local Swedish time, equivalent to Berlin, Germany)At Corel’s Official Facebook Page for CorelDRAW. I will answer questions, and it will be in English. Welcome!https://www.facebook.com/coreldrawgraphicssuite

The techniques I show should be of interest for users of all levels, both novice and professional users. And those who are interested to see how to use these tools using Corel PHOTO-PAINT and equivalent photo editing programs.

How to adjust photos in Corel ® PHOTO-PAINT

In this webinar / seminar for Corel I cover issues in Corel Photo-Paint such as:

  • NEW! – LIquid Smear in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7
  • Clone Tool, new brush category selector for clone tool – and using various Nibs attached to the clone tool
  • Touch up Brush
  • Brush tool, to paint & remove lose bags, fixing tired eyes, dark under the eyes
  • Remove wrinkles around and underneath the eyes
  • Mask tool
  • Remove eye brows over the eyes and in the middle of the  eyes
  • Remove reflection on the nose tip
  • Change HUE, colour tone on my face skin – Lens Object/Objects Manager Docker
  • White Eyes, make white eyes more white with Contrast Enhancement Lens Object (Called Levels in Photoshop)
  • Eyes brighter, make eyes (blue) brighter with Effect Tool / Contrast tool
  • Make two objects a Group object
  • Duplicating objects, duplicating the Background object
  • Showing Dockers undocked
  • Change Background, add image, merge mode (Blending modes in Photoshop)
  • Paste picture into mask, Edit/Paste/Paste into selection
  • Import texture and add to background image
  • Replace colour on Texture from black to white
  • Using the text tool, add text and at the same time show Open Type feature.
  • Transparancy on Object
  • Before & After comparing the images – Showing Window/Tile Horizontally (image files)


Stefan Lindblad
Illustration, graphic design & image editing
CorelDRAW Master

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