The new book Glass Town by Steven Savile – what a great read

When my mate Steven Savile first came to talk about his great new book Glass Town, it was way back. Many moons ago. We are talking years.

It felt like I have lived with the words ”Glass Town” and this book for ever. As a friend who go for coffee with Steve, and talk politics, football or books and the arts, this book story always came up. But of course, we also talked about my own illustration and design work as a freelancer. Freelance life is how we once came to be friends – at a local Coffee Shop. This book´s story is an amazing ride for anyone who loves a really good read. Who enjoy escaping the world outside ones head and move into an abyss of great emotions and stories. Like stepping into a bubble. And a bubble you like to go back to, picking up the paperback book, or in a possible future e-book version. It´s a book fans of Thriller, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural, Fantasy, Science Fiction will take to their heart. Or actually anyone who just loves a really great written story, regardless of genre. This is quality, people.

As a friend I can be called bias. And, I guess, I am. But you know what – it is really easy to be both bias and honest when you have stories told in this way. I guess if I would like a book to read while lying in my couch, or when heading off on a plane or train journey, this most probably would be the one to bring with me.

I´m reading on the back, of the very book I bought at the English Bookstore in Stockholm, Sweden, from when Steve had a book reading session at the bookstore – and got it signed. I take the liberty to quote: “Bursting with imagination, Steven Savile’s Glass Town is a twisted, breathless unraveling of inter-generational magic and mystery. With its intrigue twined around early film studios, romantic obsession, and the dark secrets of London, it’s a book that feels written just for me. I loved it!” ―Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Ararat and Snowblind”

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Steven Savile, Glass Town, Book, English Bookstore, Stockholm, Sweden, London, UK, England, St Martins Press, Stefan Lindblad, Illustration, Photo
Steven Savile at the English Bookstore in Stockholm, Sweden. Book reading and release of his new book Glass Town, published by St. Martins Press

You can buy the book at your local Bookstore or Amazon. Here a few links to Amazon Buy Glass Town, 1. Buy Glass Town, 2, You can also BUY Glass Town by Steven Savile from the Online bookstore The Book Depository, Free shipping world Wide. Photo I took , as seen above, is from when I listened to Steve talking about his new book and writing in general. He not only is a really good writer – he is a damn good story teller LIVE infront of an audiance as well.

Have a good read people!

Stefan Lindblad

Illustrator and Graphic Designer