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My New Logotype Design for Norsborg Local kennel Club, in Sweden

In 2017, I was assigned the task of creating a logo for ”Norsborg Local Kennel Club”, suburb area south of Stockholm, Sweden. And now in January 2018 it finally finished. I made several drafts and ideas, various proposals, until finally two became those two runner-up suggestions the Board proposed to the kennel club to vote for. Here is the brand new and  official logotype.

A really fun comission that started with a meeting in the fall, October 2017, at the club house in Norsborg, just south of Stocckholm, Sweden. I took the car and drove 20 minutes south, to the countryside of the suburb Norsborg, in the dark as winter feelt even closer. After two hours of brainstorming we found out what the club’s soul is and what they think the club stands for. It is now expressed in, among other things, the illustrative image that is an essential part of the logo I designed for Norsborg Local Kennel Club. Now that the days have become brighter again, the club has got its brand new logo. And as an illustrator and graphic designer of the same, I can not be happier for both their own sake and my own sake.

Many thanks to Norsborg Local Kennel Club!


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator och graphic designer

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