No, America will pay for the wall, not Mexico

​Fact: if Trump put a 20% tax on Mexican trade, goods and services, to pay for the Wall, it will still be the US citizens paying for the wall, when they buy Mexican goods and services. Companies will increase prices with 20%. If americans decide to not buy Mexican, it will still be americans, US, paying for the wall. Wake up people: Mexico won’t pay for the damn wall. 

If US leave NAFTA, taxes will anyway be reinstated, thats what is implemented when a Free Trade agreement is ended. So however this is done, americans in US will pay for the wall. There is no going around this. 

Forget about the wall. Build a bridge instead. Help yourself by helping and respecting each others. Countries and societies grow through interaction with each others, free speach, education and trade. Not through isolation and war. Everyone knows this. Even those who refuse to even think the thought. Just make it more locally related when explaining it.

Greetings from Sweden, Europe 

Stefan Lindblad 


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