Nokia Lumia my smartphone since a while back

Prior to buying my new mobile phone, the smartphone Nokia Lumia 800, a Windows Phone 7, I remember a week or two before buying it, telling my Book Publisher I wasnt buying a smartphone to replace my old mobile phone a sony ericsson. I didnt call so much I said. Then I bought it anyway and I dont look back. Now, I have whent through the boom, internet junkie period many of us get trapped in at first, now when all is calming down, I still use my smartphone with joy. I love Nokia Lumia 800 for the camera it comes with and the windows OS have finally settled with me, after all I was also affected of how a smartphone app screen should look like – android & apple-like. WIndows Phone look totally different. And I like it today.

I just read an article on the Nokia run website/blog Nokia conversations, where it claims Nokia Lumia 900 users are happy with their new phones. Now its an official Nokia website/blog so of course they wouldnt write anything else, read here But equally I can understand them if its true, that they are happy with the phone. I am, so why shouldnt they be as well Skrattar

The only thing I really miss out on right now, is a Blogger app for windows phone 7. Google have made a blogging app for IPHONE and ANDROID but not for Windows Phone. I use blogspot / blogger for my both blogs. One in swedish and one in english language. Yes there is a blogging app for blogger blogspot, Jage IT Consulting AB, a Swedish registered company making apps for windows phone amongst things, but it says it only supports english language, which isnt good for me or anyone else who also write in non english languages, like Swedish. And in Swedish you need letters Å, Ä, Ö. And the layout of the interface of the blogger app blog from Jage IT Consulting AB isnt Metro Style and it doesnt look any good in design. And if I dont like the design of the UI user interface, cant use swedish language it means its not for me.

I belive, naive or not, that a app for blogger blogs where you can upload images, add links and support for more langauages than english would add even more value to Nokia Lumia but above all Windows Phone. Jage IT miss out on design and languages.

Google where are you?
Microsoft where are you?
Nokia who makes so mane good apps for Windows Phone, where are you?

Stefan Lindblad

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