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Nr 5 of my illustrations from my Colouring Book being coloured: Steampunk Woman

Here comes the Steampunk Woman coloured. Straight out of “The Eclectic Colouring Book”. When I started drawing the illustrations for my Indie published Colouring Book, this was one of the very first I made. She has the same steampunk machinery on her back, like she who made it to the book cover.

If you too like to colour this drawing, head over to Amazon, or check at your favorite store. Amazon.com will ship worldwide, and quickly. One reason I chose Amazon/ Createspace Publishing Plattform. Simply click on the image or the Amazon buttons attached.

The book is single sided, with each illustration on one page at the time. Paper works for most type of colouring known to man. I personally used Touch Twin Marker pens from Shin Han art to color this one.

Stefan Lindblad

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