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Olympic Opening in London critics

An Olympic Opening is difficult to direct and storytell, so that it captures the interest and pleases everyone. Considering all of us on this planet is somewhere between 6-7 billion people, Its impossible, just like not everyone in this world would understand Fox News, outside the country USA. So when some, apparently Republican supported American media says they were baffled and not getting it, I am fine with that, I respect that. You can not capture every single viewer on this planet, its normal. Some people would claim Olympic openings tiresome and too lengthy to begin with. But yesterday olympic opening in London, England, United Kingdom wasn’t boring in my view. Above all not badly done. And above all I don’t get why some american media seem it difficult to understand the NHS part. Now, the whole idea of the storytelling was to tell in extremely short and broad manner, the story of Britain. To exclude NHS would be more odd. Some american media seem to have liked it, some didn’t. Its normal.

I was, as a Swede over here in europe, baffled myself to read that NBC TV in USA refusing to show it live, instead a delayed and edited broadcast. Why? That sounds as if they would be afraid of something. Why delaying a broadcast of a Olympic Ceremony? Special interests again? I am baffled.

I found it interesting to watch yesterday as historically you could say that the very part of London where it all happened yesterday at that stadium, wasn’t far from where Swan (english dude) and Edison (american dude) formed their light bulb company (in short) which was one mayor part in transforming the world as they new it at that time. And the world WE live in. And in a sense making it possible for us to sit around the world watching it on TV screens. There is a very interesting historic connection going on where the Olympic Ceremony was held yesterday.


Stefan Lindblad
illustrator, graphic designer

English ”Guardian”

USA media
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  1. Stefan, NBC NEVER shows anything live to anyone outside of the Eastern time zone. They sell the highest priced ads in prime time and thus they tape delay everything to show in that slot. They are forced to this idiotic behavior as the International Olympic Committee pays for the games largely on the US Broadcast rights. With the time difference, they can’t show anything live in prime time so they tape delay the most popular events.

    I hate the IOC and NBC for this. I will not see a single second live. Since they are going to tape delay, I will simply record their delayed broadcast and skip every single commercial that they so dearly want me to watch. I have printed out a list of official Olympic sponsors and I will do my best to avoid doing business with them. When enough people fight back against the stupidity of showing everything on delay, maybe we’ll actually get to watch something live.

  2. Foster, Its mad. Hate to hear you cant watch it live, legally. I believe NBC have a 75 year contract or something like that with the IOC. Which is mad aslo. Over here in Sweden the two largest channels SVT (Swedish Television http://www.svt.se ) and TV4 and its TV4 subchannels ( http://www.tv4.se )got together broadcasting the event. Saving the cost and increased the amount of different sports you can watch.

    I dont know if you could watch live streaming, the legal versions, from the USA, but all the same take a chance to log into the SVT LIVE Play channels. http://www.svtplay.se/

  3. NBC is live streaming the ”world feed”, but the quality isn’t great and there are no announcers. We also have a number of cable channels showing sports considered of less interest. Those channels are all live.

    The contract is not for 75 years, though it sure seems that way. I believe a new contract will be required before Rio.

  4. The European Broadcasting Union paid $746M to broadcast the ‘10 & ‘12 Olympics to 56 nations. NBC paid $820M for 2010 (Vancouver Winter Olympics) US rights alone.

  5. Crazy figures Foster, crazy

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