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Paul McGee

Paul McGee in St Albert, Alberta Canada and I knew each other without ever meeting in real life. We shared thoughts and rants as Beta testers of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 and X5. Over 4 years time. I told him once he should come visit old Scandinavia, north of europe. It would had been nice to meet in real life. I remember how he wrote his last post the 22 january 2011 on both the beta forum and the public coreldraw forum. January 28th he passed away according to an obituary I read in the St Alberts Gazzette.

I remember how quite I felt it was in the beta forum, not hearing Pauls views on various issues and topics. So I started to look around and found the obituary. I later (read today) got it confirmed that he sadly had passed away. I honestly whished we had met in real life. I really appreciated him, the man I never met in real life, but only via text in Coreldraw forums. I always liked his signature line ”Making my own and squashing bugs for others since 1961”, and that he labeled himself as semi-retired. The line semi-retired got me to make an illustration out of that line. Viewable on my website under ”Illustration>vector”. (For the record, no portrait, only inspired of the text, as it includes a gun.)

Paul was an experienced fellow in his work. 
I take the liberty to quote him, as it in a way tells in rythm how he sounded, and he himself published the text publically. I hope its okey with anyone closer to him: ”In computers in just about every position known to man since about 1960–programmer, systems programmer, analyst, management, owner/operator of a data centre, consultant. Into computer typesetting and graphics, directly or indirectly, on and off, since about 1972. Corel Draw since version 4; Ventura since version 4.2. Now supposedly retired, but half a dozen clients flat out refuse to accept that as a fact.

Retired from 45+ years in computing in one form or another. Started out plotting weather maps by hand. Shook hands with an IBM 650 about 1960 by utter accident. Spent about 4 years programming weather analysis and forecasts on a Bendix G20. Manager of operating systems support for a while on IBM 360/370 systems. Developed use of computers in auditing at one point on Data General computers. Owned and operated data centre after 1981 with Data General MV8000 (second such machine in Canada). Drifted into a mixed bag of data processing, graphics, and publishing all intertwined together. Closed the shop in July 2006 after shipping the ”last job” to Monaco, still having a hard time convincing some clients that I have retired. Have added DVD production to the mix, but dropped data processing–or at least almost dropped data processing.

Paul, I will never forget you. Peace!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist
Fellow beta tester of CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint.

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