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Pen and Touch pressure problems

If you´r an artist and illustrator like myself, who works digitally, then your probably familiar with off and on experiencing oddities in your favorite digital program, those crazy things we just don´t understand.

Meaning, ”why does it have to be so hard!”
One of those things, is a pressure sensitive thing when working with a Wacom Pen tablet or any other digital pen tablet brand. 99% of the time it works great. No issue at all, but other times that last 1%, is often what bugs me the most.


I work with several illustration and graphic design software, for instance CorelDRAW, Corel Photo-Paint and Corel PAINTER. I love them all. I use them all the time, and have done since the stone age.

Drawing with Wacom pen tablet, any simple brush stroke can sometimes make the brush, Paint tool nib looking and feeling as if it stumble on something, while painting and drawing. You´r about to draw and paint a round outline. But for some reason it stumble on something at the start of the outline, and creates a straight line. Making the round outline to have a straight line, followed by the round outline you were drawing and painting. Or when you have a Wacom pen making it unnecessarily annoying to simply press a toolbar tool icon to open an additional tool in a fly out.

Sounds odd? I know. But if you have experienced it, you know what I am talking about.

For example in Corel Photo-Paint, sometimes, and especially if Windows operating system have made a setting to got lost, or if I have had to reinstall my program, this can happen. Settings are lost and it bugs big time.

Example, see screen picture above: Create a New Image. Select Paint Tool and the Quick doodler brush. A classic paint tool and nib to use if you intend to make an ink drawing style drawing. From scratch or inking digitally a pencil drawing for a comic illustration. Draw a circle. I am not surprised if you off and on, get the same odd straight line result as you can see in the above screen picture. See the red mark I made. Now if you experienced this, how to solve it?

What you should try to do, is to look for ”Pen and Touch” and ”Press and Hold Settings” in Windows. Look at the image posted. You can find these settings for Pen Touch and pressure in Windows here: Go to Control Panel /Hardware and Devices /Pen and Touch (look for a Pen symbol, not the Wacom pen though) / Pen and Touch (Settings for Touch and flicks) / and edit the ”click and hold timing” in the Pen options as seen in the screen pictures below. Double click the selected ”Press and hold & Right-Click” as seen in the picture below. This open the second dialog, as seen in the picture below ”Press and Hold Settings”. Where it says: ”Speed” the slider is by default placed on the third mark seen from the right, on the slider ”ruler”. Drag the slider all the way to ”Long”. Or make the adjustments you seem to fit, to hopefully resolve the issue.


Hope this helps you, as it have helped me.

I know, it’s very annoying, you install a program, and then you still have to go to the Windows operating system settings. But that’s how it is sometimes. Windows can make things more hard than needed. Reason for this Windows Settings is that the initial lag when painting probably is caused by a pause in Windows, to see if you want a ”press and hold = right-click” or if you are clicking and moving. And things like that. It bugs me every time. Not only do we have to create art, we need to be computer geeks as well to figure these things up. Fortunately though, great community forums such as exists (Official CorelDRAW forum). And there often is some guy or girl in the world who have figured it out. Or some great Corel employee chipping in at the Official CorelDRAW forum.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist and graphic designer
(CorelDRAW Master)


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