Photo-Paint X4, colouring with new Photo Filter Lens

 I just came to think about this new Photo Filter Lens we got with the new Corel Photo-Paint X4, the image editing and illustration software that comes bundled with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4. You can find the Photo Filter Lens under the Object´s docker as useal.

I felt I like to share this, I just used it myself working on a illustration I am doing for a car magazine. I thought I could show you a way on how to use it, by using a photo the car, the finished illustration can be seen on my website. For this you take a photo of a car, and then in the Object docker choose the Photo Filter lens and choose colour, I choose a green. Then use either a mask tool or the eraser tool, and preferably a Wacom Intuos tablet. And start removing erasing left over colour. By opening the Channel docker, you will see that the layer for the Photo Filter is greyed ot in the channel. If you selected it, you will then see all non-green as a red mask, and make it even easier to mask, erase, remove the green you dont like. See attached image. By using a wacom pen tablet makes it much easier and faster.

Edit 2011 – 07-01.
There are several ways of replacing colours in Corel Photo-Paint. And this is one way of doing it. If you look at my Youtube channel and can cope with my swedish language commenting, you will see how you can use ”Replace Color” to change colours. A basic tut for those completly new to Photo-Paint and image editing.

Have fun!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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