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Pirate illustrations, Museum exhibition, Corel PHOTO-PAINT and Wacom Tablet – a good combination


Here i´m infront of my illustration size 3,5 x 3 meters at the Swedish National Maritme Museum and the exihibition ”Who´s a Pirate” – about Swedish pirates and international alike. Sweden had and the baltic sea had quite a huge amount of pirates from the time of the Vikings until 18th Century. I used my Corel PHOTO-PAINT Program to draw and paint (CorelDRAW graphics Suite) & my Wacom Intuos tablet. I made it in 2009 and exhibtion runned until june 2012. This photo was taken back in 2010. In total I made four large sized illustrations for the exhibition and it was the very first thing peole saw when they entered the ”historical” part of the exhibition. The modern section was photos and videos and of corse artifacts in both sections of the exhibition. IN the historical part close to my large illustrations were a real pirate flag. Claimed to be anyway.


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
Wacom Intuos tablet.


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