Poster for a Theater Play

Here is a Poster I did for a theater play called ”Rhinoceros”, after a short story by Eugene Ionesco. This specific production will take place in Stockholm, SWEDEN during 2007 as I know today, but have been played in the north of Sweden earlier, and might play outside Stockholm again in the future. The male actor, the only actor, is Henrik Gustafsson, who recently made a small part in a movie presently under making here in Sweden. A movie in which Izabella Scorupco will be in one of the leading parts of the movie. (Izabella Scorupco a former James Bond woman in GoldenEye ).

I guy I didnt know at the time earlier this year, Henrik Gustafsson, himself approached me at a local café here in Stockholm. A small café we both go to from time to time. A café almost no one knows of if you haven’t been there. A place at which one can sit down and read, or work and no one is bothering you for taking up time and space. A good place for a freelancer like myself.

As I said Henrik approached me and asked if I could do a poster, in a cartoonish, b-movie style. He had an old poster made for him, when it was put up at a big theater in the north, when he played it earlier, but not in the style he liked it to be. I said yes, and after some time it finally was finished month or two ago. I made the poster entirely with Corel Photo-Paint and my Wacom pen tablet. It was fun doing it. I had to not draw it to fancy, trying to keep it simple. And after some talking back and forth between Henrik and myself, this is what came out. Ps. the title is ment to be a bit off center.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Artist

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