Read about Mac vs PC and Corel software

Today I read a blog post I thought nice to read while having coffee, waiting for the car mechanic to call me.

I wrote a comment to that post, here is what I wrote and here is also attached the post itself.
And where I originally found the post.

”/// Hi Chantal McDonald,
Liked the post you wrote. And insightful it is.
I presently sits at a McDonalds in Stockholm, SWEDEN having a nice cup of properly grind whole coffee beans brewed coffee. A sandwhich with whole wheat, big sallad, ham, tomato and cheeze. Its clean and nicly furnished and the sun is shining this lovely summer day.
We get surprised everyday dont we.
I am an illustrator, graphic designer and artist. Been using CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint since 1997. And have loved it ever since. I have used Photoshop when not infront of my own computer. In 1995 yes the PCs looked horrible. Dull and simply felt “warzaw pact – Eastern europe pre 1989″.
I wrote an article that was published in 1999-ish in a magazine for the Swedish association for illustrators & graphic designers, talking about similar things/approach. Mac are great computers and they make great design – but they do all look similar all the time. It must be both hard and easy to be the chief deisgner at Apple.
Stefan Lindblad /// ”

Stefan Lindblad

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