Sketchbook illustration, remembering a summer moment, just as winter snow flakes take over

Drawing, sketchbook illustration by Stefan Lindblad, 2018

Saw an almost not noticeable snowflake falling gently through the air Infront of me. Reminded me of summer drawings in my sketchbook.

This morning I woke up to a lightly covered ground, trees, our car and green grass, in suburbia to stockholm city.

I called out, gently, yet enthusiastically to Mia: ”It’s snow outside”. Opened the living room window, let new air come in. And sun shining outside. A picture perfect setting.

I walked into the kitchen, put the kettle on, and poured the hot water for Mia’s morning green tea with cardemum seeds, in the teamug.

I grinded some fresh coffee beans of ”Zoega’s Mollbergs blandning” blend, espresso style. Got a fantastic crema, I admit. A tad milk, and two slices of bread. Sunflower seeds bread, butter and slices of cucumber.

Later thought of the summer heatwave we had this year. It never seemed to pass, to call it a day. The heat and sun just kept coming. So to see the first snow flakes in late November was a sort of relief.

I still remember the summer with joy, as I passed through the streets of downtown Stockholm, around the Centralstation.

I picked up my sketchbook and sketched this illustration, drawing in my handy Moleskine Sketchbook, and my ink pens.

Looking back, it’s a Drawing I quite like. Looking at it now, I get a remembrance of that moment, if only so slightly. In broad brush strokes instead of detailed memories.

Winter is officially in this town as well now. Enjoying it, the winter magic, the cold days and nights, tea, coffee, buns, cakes – and hot chocolate with brown sugar. And small marshmallows, that Mia loves.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic designer

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