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Solution to Surface Pro and Clip Studio register license key problem

I bought a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro and installed Clip Studio. But could not write, fill in the serial license key from Celsys, in the form field. Here is the solution on how i managed to do it.

I didnt have the Type Cover physical keyboard when trying this. Only using the digital keyboard and my surface pen. Solution is to activate keybord mode for Surface pen. In the activity field in windows, next to the clock icon etcetera. Right click with mouse or surface pen and activate allowing pen to behave as a mouse. Very important. A keyboard icon shows up. You might have to restart windows afterwards to make it show up.

Follow these Steps

Remember, to make this work, you have to first see to that keyboard icon is set in activaty field. And do as follows from here.

With this keyboard setting 1) start Clip Studio. 2) Start Paint. 3) Go to register licence the useal way. 4) Place pen in the first form field and 5) then go to keyboard mode in the activity field. This will open the keyboard. 6) Choose keyboard layout/functions where you can handwrite with the pen, alternatively choose the larger keyboard mode. And start to fill in, write the licence serial key.

That made it possible to register my license of Clip Studio. And hopefully help you too.
This little video from Microsoft helped me find out about keyboard mode for surface pen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAKinFG8W2E

I only had this issue so far with Clip Studio. For example i had no problem, didnt have to make all these steps with installing and register license serial numbers with Coreldraw graphics suite and Corel Painter. This was an odd one.

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