Stefan Lindblad – My top book recommendations for freelancers

Books are a great, not only to look at their fabulous covers, but to actually read. For a visual creative person, reading is very much part of who I am as a person and creative freelancer – illustrator, artist and graphic designer.

But what to read?

My take on this is to read a variation of books. For instance, from a creative perspective, we need not only books on accounting, and how to get a great deal with a client. We also need books for inspiration. Many times I have landed great illustration work by first reading, seeing, experiencing – and then creating drawings for my own enjoyment. And placed them on my website, and then contacting both new and old clients. Especially new. The trick is to make work you love doing, your own way. And then present them. It will be your style. Your main portfolio. And the old work will be your backlog. Your experience. Sort of. So go read a variation of books.

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  1. Actually a website:
    Great source to start your day. It give inspirational as well as great tips for freelancing creatives like myself. On a daily basis. They also publish the creative magazines Computer Arts and Imagine FX
  2. A picture book: Business Cards, The Art of Saying Hello
    An absolute great book packed with visual inspiration. And it gives you a perfect broad view what a business card is and can be. It broadens your perspective. And make it easier to think outside the box. ISBN-13: 978-1856693868

  3. A Swedish book, you will have to find your book in your language or english on Amazon, that basically teach you the same: “Typografisk Handbok”, by Christer Hellmark.

    If you use Fonts, Type fonts in your design, you really must learn the craft. Dont dabble and hope for the best too long. We all work on the fly. But to deliver great results and give your clients something they are willing to pay for – big corporate clients especially, or if you get a freelance on-site temporary work.
  4. Bring It Home with CorelDRAW, by Roger Wambolt“. First, dont get stuck on it mentioning a Graphic Software program. If you do, that’s the first mistake you do. So, okay, you’re a user of software from Corel like myself, or Adobe, Autodesk or user of free open source programs, doesn’t matter. This book is great for anyone who work In-House or freelance. You need to get quick help and reference, and learn how to accomplish graphic design work. Great book, by a great guy I have the privilege to have met and know personally.
  5. And of course, “How to be an Illustrator, by Darrel Rees”. It give you an idea on how it is to work as an illustrator in a broader view. It share real life stories to learn from. Great book. And it is beautifully made as well

This blog article was made after being asked by Freelancermap in Germany, to participating in the initiative from said A blog carnival, packed with book tips for freelancers. You really can´t say no to that, can you!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, artist & graphic designer

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