Being a mobile worker, nomad, is natural to me

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I´ve always been a mobile “nomad” grabbing a coffee and working at cafés, hotel lounges and outdoor places. Computers, wi-fi and wall sockets, have made it so much more efficient. 15 years ago, I was still like an all alone island among people who just looked at me, where I sat with my sketchbooks and […]

Coffee, work and Corel PHOTO-PAINT

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Working a bit. Corel PHOTO-PAINT in action. Brew Coffee, and a Safron bun at Espresso house Coffee Shop at Globen Shopping Mall, Stockholm, Sweden for those who are from out of town. Looking from inside coffeeshop to the public area. Life is good this way. Illustration on the computer screen and in Photo-Paint, is a […]

I am a specialist illustrator – and a Jack of All Trades

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Today I read an excellent blog article by Darren Di Lieto. He is correct: it is important to stand out as an illustrator and professional. But I have to add my own perspective on the issue, based on my personal experience. Yes, it is true. It is important to stand out. Equally, the term “Jack […]

Thank you President Obama, soon Mr.

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Thank you President Obama for making your 8 years, although way far from perfect, to at least have a better tone, seriousness and more grown up approach than your predecessor. You inherited a ferocious war, and we all, not only americans, share the effects of it in various ways. Maybe you shouldnt have pulled out […]

Italian pop-ballads and starting my own company, in 1997

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The summer of 1997 I listened to way to much Italian pop ballads. Especially as so many italian restaurants and cheezy pizzerias did too unfortunately, during 1997. But I loved every second of it. I took my old bicycle from the 1940`s down to work, as the sun shined early mornings, wearing my Walkman and […]

The Interview Series: Comic Artist Irma Eriksson – Imy the Comic

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The Interview Series continues with an interview I made in person with illustrator collegue and comic artist Irma Eriksson, behind the great Webcomic Imy the Comic, at Espresso House Coffee Shop at Götgatsbacken on Södermalm island in Stockholm, Sweden. Originally from New Jersey, now lives in Stockholm. It became a much longer interview than first […]

What will the young all become

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Interesting to watch all different teenagers coming from a school nearby. I am sitting at a bench at a square where tram trains and the local bus come and go. Cars going by and people on bicycles. Some on a skateboard. It is late summer in august in Stockholm. We all enjoy these last weeks […]

The Interview Series: Toby Mikle working as a freelance Technical illustrator in USA

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A new interview in my ongoing Interview Series with fellow illustrators, artists & designers in various businesses around the world. Welcome Toby Mikle – Technical illustrator to the Interview series Toby ​Mikle ​and I are both illustrators. While I was browsing the internet to look for resources and inspiration for my own illustration work the […]

Cafe Stories – a new segment on my blog

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Drinking coffee and visiting cafés, coffee shops when working and when just hanging out, is nothing new to me or others in general. When I go alone to coffee shops, cafés , I do it to work. I read and I draw. And sometimes doing my accounting before I send it to my accountant. And […]

New illustration update – at Bar Italia in London, England

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Here a drawing / mixed media – collage type I made when Mia and I was at a Café ” Bar Italia ” in London, England. For the record: No Mia had NO gun on the table. I placed that afterwards using my pen of course. It was a great day in London town and […]

Kreatima one of my art supplier store for ages

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One of the art supplier store I have been going to for ages in my own hometown Stockholm is Kreatima. It first had a different name: “Beckers Kreatima” after the brand of the colour manufacturer of the swedish quality artist oil paint series, among other things. It might have had a different name way before […]

Recovering slowly from months of Computer hell failures on multiple computers

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Having endured several months of both my girlfriend Mia’s & my own computer hell failures since august, its important to pamper myself again. Enjoying the cafe workplace with a sketchbook and a brand new laptop that seems working. Finally it seems Mias computer hell is to en end. but you never know as her laptop […]

Petrol station becoming cafe

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Petrol stations are not what the onces was here in Stockholm, Sweden. This particular one have redesigned it’s interior with a casual cafe area. I don’t complain. It’s a comfy place to rest, having ice cream, coffee and read the paper before heading home. My old bicycle leaning towards the big windows. Stefan Lindblad Illustrator […]

Coffee is coming – from China? Yes!

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Who haven’t heard of coffee beans from Columbia, Brazil, Old Java, Africa and roasted in Italy, Sweden, France, USA and so forth. But coffee from China? Grown coffee beans? What the he… Well yes, its a fact coffee has in Chinese Yunnan province apparently been farmed for a century in very small quantities and media-unknown and […]

See me in a VIDEO – “Stefan Lindblad´s Hero Video” as COREL calls it.

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During the trip and stay to Corel Corporation in Ottawa, Canada, in Nov/Dec 2012  I was interviewed and filmed by COREL. During 2012 I was appointed CorelDRAW Master by COREL. And have since held online webinars LIVE for an audience around the globe, and written tutorials for Corel, developer of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. CorelDRAW, Corel […]