Designing a telephone: the classic Cobra from Ericsson, Sweden

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When I was a kid, the Swedish telecom company LM Ericsson had since way back designed and introduced maybe one of the best and most beautiful phones ever designed: the Kobra telephone. Or with english spelling “Cobra phone”. The original design had more rounded shapes, and the newer following design of the new Kobra Phone […]

Kreatima one of my art supplier store for ages

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One of the art supplier store I have been going to for ages in my own hometown Stockholm is Kreatima. It first had a different name: “Beckers Kreatima” after the brand of the colour manufacturer of the swedish quality artist oil paint series, among other things. It might have had a different name way before […]

When SPACE 1999 the TV show hit the screens in 1975

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SPACE 1999 – Not the mother of all science fiction movies and tv shows, but between 1975 – 1977 SPACE 1999 hit the TV screens in England and Sweden. And probably elsewhere in the world. It was just before Star Wars made its entrance to the world, and while Star Trek had made its mark […]

Held my Storyboard Webinar for Corel, prepared myself earlier

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Earlier tonight Swedish Local time, equals lunchtime in Ottawa, Canada, I held my webinar for COREL about Storyboard. It was great fun and of course a bit nervous just before I went LIVE. I always connect with Cecile Brosius from Corel just before we go online and we quickly get a chat and I prepare […]

UPS delivery service & buying a Wacom Intuos 4 S slip case

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So how complicated does it have to be to receive a parcel, in this case with the service of UPS. UPS delivery service First things first – I like UPS. Mostly because of its cars. They are truly special. I like them so much I always have them in mind when I like to send […]

Dont like Corel & Adobe Memberships? – there is a reason to why they excist

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You may like or dislike having to register your software license –  59 billion US according to an article in CNET. And there are good and bad ways of setting it up for customers, hence why criticism is well deserved when something is unproperly set up. Now, you may like or dislike it, but the […]

Stefan Lindblad – illustration & Cover – Villles worst match, Berghs Förlag, Publishing, ISBN: 9789150219531

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The New book number 2 is out and on the book shelves, in stores and online. This 2nd book I illustrated and designed cover for, is from the book series about the Swedish kid “Ville”, and published by Swedish Publisher in Swedish, Berghs (Förlag) Publisher, written by the author Martin Jonols. It’s called “Villes worst […]

Woked up happy – then Murphy law hit me

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I woked up happy this morning, ready to take on the world. Then Murphy Law hit me. Now I am still working as I write this, fixing my website portfolio galleries with images, but I havent shaved. My 3 day long beard isnt there as a fashion statement. Its just one of these days. […]

23 year car travel, Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine, see movie here

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“Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine set out on what was meant to be an 18-month tour of Africa in their Mercedes Benz G Wagon. Now, with more than 800,000km (500,000 miles) on the clock, Gunther is still going.” “> Stefan Lindblad Illustration, art, graphic design

Russian scientist whant your brain to live for ever

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Sci-Fi, yes, but in theory, I say in theory, a thought by a Russian scientist, can become reality, and it is to move all thougths and feelings that makes a person over to a robot, and this way can live on forever in form of a robot. Now why not move the entire brain and […]

New AC Milan look for the great young players

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Allthough I thought it mentally wrong by AC Milan to sell and force away Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, still in AC Milan is Stephan El Shaarawy who I personally rate more than Pato. Pato who still is a great goal scorer. Now if I was in charge of AC Milan I would buy the […]

I´m a creative, self employed – skydrive cloud please

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I have Nokia Lumia 800 windows phone 7.5, and i use the app Skydrive on the phone and Skydrive on my laptop. This is all great for my work flow. Especially as I use them in conjunction with each other. Yes i have Dropbox, but only on my laptop as currently the guys at […]

What some media says about Nokia, untrue

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What some media says in their reports, show to be wrong. Nokia sales better than expected, even double its sales figures. You would like media to write truthfully, we all know that’s far always the case, and apparently not these days about Nokia smartphone sales either. 1 quarter sales was around 2 million units when […]

Nokia Lumia my smartphone since a while back

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Prior to buying my new mobile phone, the smartphone Nokia Lumia 800, a Windows Phone 7, I remember a week or two before buying it, telling my Book Publisher I wasnt buying a smartphone to replace my old mobile phone a sony ericsson. I didnt call so much I said. Then I bought it anyway […]

The Interview Series: Fellow CorelDRAW Master & artist Joe Diaz, Pontiac, IL, USA

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Joe Diaz and I were both elected CorelDRAW Masters by Corel corporation in Canada, for their CorelDRAW Master Program. To be named and selected like this directly by Corel as a CorelDRAW and PHOT-PAINT user, is an honour for both of us. This way Joe and I came to know each other a bit. I […]