Designing a telephone: the classic Cobra from Ericsson, Sweden

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When I was a kid, the Swedish telecom company LM Ericsson had since way back designed and introduced maybe one of the best and most beautiful phones ever designed: the Kobra telephone. Or with english spelling “Cobra phone”. The original design had more rounded shapes, and the newer following design of the new Kobra Phone […]

Kreatima one of my art supplier store for ages

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One of the art supplier store I have been going to for ages in my own hometown Stockholm is Kreatima. It first had a different name: “Beckers Kreatima” after the brand of the colour manufacturer of the swedish quality artist oil paint series, among other things. It might have had a different name way before […]

When SPACE 1999 the TV show hit the screens in 1975

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SPACE 1999 – Not the mother of all science fiction movies and tv shows, but between 1975 – 1977 SPACE 1999 hit the TV screens in England and Sweden. And probably elsewhere in the world. It was just before Star Wars made its entrance to the world, and while Star Trek had made its mark […]