Being a mobile worker, nomad, is natural to me

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I´ve always been a mobile “nomad” grabbing a coffee and working at cafés, hotel lounges and outdoor places. Computers, wi-fi and wall sockets, have made it so much more efficient. 15 years ago, I was still like an all alone island among people who just looked at me, where I sat with my sketchbooks and […]

Coffee, work and Corel PHOTO-PAINT

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Working a bit. Corel PHOTO-PAINT in action. Brew Coffee, and a Safron bun at Espresso house Coffee Shop at Globen Shopping Mall, Stockholm, Sweden for those who are from out of town. Looking from inside coffeeshop to the public area. Life is good this way. Illustration on the computer screen and in Photo-Paint, is a […]

Thank you President Obama, soon Mr.

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Thank you President Obama for making your 8 years, although way far from perfect, to at least have a better tone, seriousness and more grown up approach than your predecessor. You inherited a ferocious war, and we all, not only americans, share the effects of it in various ways. Maybe you shouldnt have pulled out […]