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It’s a very special feeling to see colorings of illustrations I´ve made for my two self published coloring books. “The Eclectic Colouring Book” and “Stockholm Urban Mix”. As a professional illustrator I colour my drawings, illustrations, to various clients such as newspapers, advertising agencies and companies in general. It is my job. It is normal, so to speak.

By creating my own indie published colouring books from scratch and the whole process to final product, it is like watching your own off spring being loved and cared for when watching them coloured.

To watch other peoples coloring of my drawings, the feeling is warm, joyfull and almost a bit unreal. It hit an emotional nerve, a little every time. The second and the professional part is that I do these books to hopefully give joy to others, individuals who love to color. These books are like one’s own children or something of the sort.

Stefan Lindblad

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