Cultural Appropriation alienate interaction

We really have enough problems in the world than champion the mad idea of Cultural Appropriation. We must meet, see, listen, feel and interact with each other, not alienate and build new imaginary walls between us.

There are man reasons why Cultural Appropriation is wrong. And you may like or dislike. Agree or disagree. But fact of the matter is that all extreme societies through history and present times, build all type of walls between us. Either physically or mentally. You really just have to pick any extreme society, group and philosophy. Call it what you want. If you dissect it into parts, you will notice how it build an enemy, build restrictions to think, behave and live.


If you compare and look at how mankind have move forward through history, and our shared evolution, it has always been through interaction with close friends, families and strangers. It is through interaction we learn and evolve. And by doing it we all take inspiration both unintentionally or directly. There is no interaction possible without another living being and surrounding.

The whole concept of Cultural Appropriation can claim pride and protection all day long. It can claim only a group to be allowed to use and inspire and evolve with the said groups so called uniqueness. But because we all come from the same planet, we have always been influenced by another being. Our parents being the first interaction. There is no life among people without interchanging living.

Who can claim that only one group of people through the history of Homo Sapiens have used a certain hair style. And even if that would be true that only one group have used a certain hair style, was it invented on a Friday night when weekdays wasn’t yet invented, at a place on our planet where no reaction to other groups hair style can have been seen as an inspiration, reaction towards or because of the other group.

Cultural Appropriation is stopping g us from being what we should be and what always made us move forward, by interacting with each others. To be open to new ideas. To evolve together. The free mind and spirit will always live on. We as human beings should not, and will never allow ourselves to be locked in a enclosed box, alienated to the outside world. Sometimes under extreme times in history and present it happens to many individuals. But it should not have to.


Stefan Lindblad


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