Olympics might erase Banksys street art – MAD!

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London Olympics unfortunately might erase the street art of Banksy in London, close to the Olympic area, according to an article in The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jul/20/london-2012-olympics-graffiti-clampdown

If any artist is olympic material its Banksy, who’s art honor the art once such an important part of the Olympic soul

The rough and the shiny in a great mix, the lifeblood of a town and its people. The gorgous beautiful art of London is also smart, brilliant with louds of esprit. I originally did not come visiting London for the artwork of Bqnksy, but I could now. To have stood in real life infront of a Banksy in London should be a wish by all TRUE art lovers.

Now, why would anyone in London ever consider having the Olympic people to have any say whatsoever about Bqnksy. Are they mad???

Stefan Lindblad

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