Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

On Privacy. This is a webshop runned by me Stefan Lindblad, and I will never give out any information to any third parties about registered buyers. I strictly use PAYPAL, please read more below. And Merchant invoices account with legitimate businesses. I am a registered company holder in SWEDEN. On those very rare occasions I do send out a newsletter, it will only be sent to those who subscribe.

I WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD OR ANY OTHER LOGIN INFORMATION. Please DO NOT HESITATE to contact me if you get any such email requests. Please contact me directly via my contact page if any such requests come your way.

What information do “Stefan Lindblad My Store” collect?


* I will only collect information from you when you register on the site & place an order, which is obvious & necessary for shipping reasons delivering using Postal Service, or communication such as e-mail. If you ONLY BUY ONLINE products, then no need for your post address

* When ordering or registering I may ask you for your name & e-mail for obvious commucation reasons. Please see RED ASTERIX for what is Required. Currently only name and email address for buying digital content. You may, however, visit the site anonymously.

* Will collect information about gift recipients so that I can fulfill the gift purchase, obvious common sense. The information collected about gift recipients is not used for marketing purposes.

* Like many websites, my website will use and need “cookies” for example in conjunction with PAYPAL payments and to enhance your experience and gather information about visitors and visits to the website.

PAYPAL and the Swedish equivalent PAYSON is used used to pay for products on this website, which means that only PAYPAL & Payson have information about your credit card, NOT ME. I will NEVER get hold of any such information. I only recieve information from PAYPAL saying payment have been payed. I do not collect any such information as I striclty use PAYPAL & PAYSON for secure shopping on my website

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