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Terms & Conditions

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When you shop in this store you agree to these terms of sale at the checkout before your purchase is completed.

Ordering is done via Stefan Lindblad´s online Store/ Shop located on – www.canvas.nu/stefanlindblad-blog. If  client under is 18, parental permission must be obtained by the purchaser before the purchase is performed. Order that is made in another person’s name without his consent, or otherwise involving the store owner suffers financial or other damage reported to the police.

Affiliate Products
Affiliate products are products and forwarded to other companies and their own web shops, stores. All these products and orders are by nature outside of Stefan Lindblad control and therefore declines I, Stefan Lindblad any requirements they may be. The only thing I have in these product cases, is to recommend those particular products. When order for such goods / product, I might get a small commission. Otherwise, these products have nothing to do  with Stefan Lindblad and the store.

All prices shown on Stefan Lindblad online store are inclusive of VAT, (called Moms in Sweden). All prices shown on our sites are based on payment cards for payment with eg Mastercard, Visa or PayPal. Shipping costs will be added to all non-downloadable products. t Download products of course are FREE Shipping. Products purchased in the additional STORE via Spreadshirt Stores are govern and handled 100% by Spreadshirt. The orders, according to the method of calculation applicable to the chosen method of delivery, mostly a flat rate in Checkout. Store owner is not monitoring over price changes in the market on a day by day basis, why the price in effect at time of order also applies at the time of delivery, such as where costs that are out of Store owners relm. All prices are as seen on the store and payed for via PayPal service. If any countries outside of Sweden, a  local shipping costs suddenly occur its out of Store owners control and responsibilty.

We do not bill, sending invoices for any order (only in strict agreement with the already established business customer can invoice be allowed).

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