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About us

Stefan Lindblad – Canvas VK, Illustrator & Graphic Designer.
Swedish registered company, in Stockholm, SWEDEN.
Store is owned and managed by Stefan Lindblad – Illustrator, artist & Graphic Designer based in Stockholm, SWEDEN. Clients both domestic & international.

All PAYMENTS using PayPal
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You can read more about the store, just choose “Store” in the main menu: Store > About > and each sub sections.

How it started

I originally started the web store after people asking me where to buy illustrations, posters & books I have illustrated. And T-Shirts with my art & designs. I work on a daily basis as an Illustrator, graphic designer and artist, and I have both domestic and international clients. If you like to read more about my work visit my website www.canvas.nu

About Payment
Both individuals and Businesses can buy directly from the store. Businesses who wish to buy in quantity, please contact the store directly. Private individuals Payments only through PAYPAL with a an account or VISA & Master Card for secure payments.

Store is a PayPal Verified Merchant account.


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