Frequently Asked Questions

What it´s included for the money, Kindle Ebook?

Premade Kinde E-Book Cover
Changes made to add your book Title, name of author/writer. Publisher name
JPEG file format.

COMBO Premade Ebook & Print Cover
What it´s included for the money, Kindle, POD, Print-On-Demand, Createspace etc?

Additional fee for Print original, or a fixed combinated price for both Ebook and print. Includes jpeg 72/96 dpi. PDF/Tiff 300 dpi

Are the stock photo images licensed?
There is NO Stock images.
All my images are made by me from scratch. No Stock images. Free to use for your Ebook Self publishing and POD, Print-On-Demand book. Regular Publishers will pay other standard prices. In case your book is published via a regular publisher, additional fee apply, for the regular publisher. This basically is a great deal for you as a self publishing writer.

Will I have the original file to work with myself?
No. The original always retain with me the illustrator and designer. This is also the standard when working with most international western Publishing houses. Very normal in other words.

What if I want to buy a cover but don’t have the title of the book just yet?
No problem. Go ahead and pay for the cover, and get back to me as soon as you have the title. You can also brainstorm with me, 1-4 title suggestions and we might find a title that works for you, free service.

What if I buy a cover without any title but then later want a different cover, can I change it for another one?
No.  Sorry. Once you have purchased a cover it is too much admin & design work involved. Therefore please make sure you are certain you want that cover before placing your order.  Hence also why a regular publisher pay more, and get more included into the price.

Can I reserve a cover without paying?
No, unfortunately. I work on a first come first basis.

Can I have more text, or lesser text on the book cover?
Yes, we decide that when the order is done and payed for.

If I want to change the design: chnage fonts, colours, various elements etc, can you help with that?
Yes. If you like a font from different covers among the other other premade covers, just let me which cover font you like.

Could I have my file in a different file format  or size and so on?
Yes of course. I am friendly designer and illustrator who value customer service. Just ask, but it will not be any original file format, such as Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW etcetera.

Can I  have only the image and place my own text and logos etcetera by myself?
No. If that would be possible, it would simply be as if you bought a stock image. Mt Premade Covers come with the text and layout, solely for your book it´s intended for.

If I have given you all info, text and such, and later like to change everything or bits of text etcetera on the cover, Is there anything you could do?
For initial changes , the same day as placed order, I don’t charge extra, but if you along the line came back days, weeks, months and years later after you have approved the design, I will obvioulsy have to charge extra $10 / 10 euros per cover to makes the text changes.

I have bought numerous premade covers from you, but not used them, can I have a refund?
Sorry, no. Once bought and removed from my store, they are no longer available. And no refund possible. This is the whole idea with Premade covers for Self Publishing. And also why Regular publishers pay extra, and they donpt ask either, to have a refund.

What if I later feel that my cover is not suitable anymore, can I change it for another Cover?
No, not possible. Sorry. Once bought, no change.

Are the covers in your store, and the one I buy unique?
yes of course. I am Cover artist, designer and ilustrator by profession and only create my unique work.

Will I see the same image on another book cover?
No, I don´t work with Stock images. I create original work from scratch and all unique.

Will you be able to do a CreateSpace wrap-around print cover desing out of one of your premade covers, that I buy?
Yes, for additional $70 / euro 70.

Would you docovers for Lulu, Lightning Source, or any other POD, print-on-demand services?
Yes, If changes need to be made to size and format, then additional fee will apply. All services have their own workflow. But in general, no problem

If I have any additional questions, can I ask you via an email?
Yes, no problem. Just go to my contact page

Mailinglist – New Covers added?
Yes, please use my Newsletter sign-up page. AND please add to your first name “Premade Covers”. This way you will only recieve newsletter when new covers have been added. Thank you! Register here: Newsletter Mailchimp >

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