Made a drawing from the Metro, Subway in Stockholm Sweden

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Drawing by Stefan Lindblad I´m my own boss, I´m a freelancer. And with that comes the good to decide to stop for a moment and look at my surroundings and people rushing from work, heading home in droves to pick up their kids, sports events, cultural events, making dinner – while I can wait for the […]

Thank you President Obama, soon Mr.

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Thank you President Obama for making your 8 years, although way far from perfect, to at least have a better tone, seriousness and more grown up approach than your predecessor. You inherited a ferocious war, and we all, not only americans, share the effects of it in various ways. Maybe you shouldnt have pulled out […]

My drawing of musical genius Dave Stewart

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As I sit and work with my own art, illustrations and graphic design for various clients, or for my own sole enjoyment & projects, I often listen to music in the background. And occassionally, I´ve discovered, Dave Stewart have either written or worked together with someone, on the tune. The one I enjoy so much […]