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Welcome to Sweden!

It’s that time of year when students are coming to Sweden to study at the university.  I am no student I am just a Stockholm resident who run my own freelance business as an illustrator and graphic designer. What saddens me are all those who try to scam students and other people trying to find a place to live. Many succeed to scam students and others unfortunately.

So if you are a student looking for a student room in Stockholm Sweden and other towns, you really have to be careful. For example if someone won’t show you the apartment, studio, flat or student room and ask you to pay a deposit, then that is the very first warning it is a scam in the making. And you really have to be careful. Some might say they can not meet you saying they are out-of-town and therefore need you to pay a deposit. Which is 9,99/10 a try to scam you.

It is difficult to find a student room in a town like Stockholm.  It is difficult for us who already live here. What is good though is that Stockholm and suburbs and small towns around are very easy to get to and from.

You can easily use a bicycle. Stockholm is a more and more bike friendly town. Trains in various forms and buses so don’t feel you need to be in the very center of town. You really don’t.  But still be careful. If I as a Stockholm person would recommend places to look for and that are safe – and Stockholm is already a safe town – it would be to get online first with student organizations and ask advice for places to live in.

I am no student so I don’t know all the ins and outs to go online specific to students. But that said I would highly recommend you first go online and contact your university and ask. And the student organizations.  They surely have good tips and will be on your safe side.

Here a few links to get you going and in contact to some who might be able to help.


The LARGEST apratment renting out organization in Stockholm, is ”Stockholms Bostadsförmedling”. Most major landlord companies put their student rooms/apartments/flats on their website.

SSSB: Student organizations renting out

Stockholm University with tips

BLOCKET – The largest site in Sweden searching for rent
If you try out Blocket, then read their Customer Security or contact directly Blocket for more info if needed.

Important Article about Student Renting in Stockholm. A good read, recomend.
I use Google translate to translate the article into English. It made a fairly good translation
Hem & Hyra is one of the most important magazines in Sweden about living and costs in Sweden.

Skrapan is the house in the photo of this article. Very popular and very much center in town. ON the largest island in Stockholm: Södermalm.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Be careful and don’t pay and act fast because the person in the email or on the phone is pressing you – it´s the oldest sales trick. I they say it’s many who are in line and talks like that, then I would go away. Anyone who is serious in renting out their space should be calm and show proof they actually own the contract they are renting out. Unfortunately many invent even non existing addresses or just about anything.

Be safe and vice and don’t stress and you will hopefully get a place to stay and be able to focus on your studies.

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Have fun and who knows you might even see me without knowing, working while having coffee at the same coffee shop you are at. I am a freelancer after all!

Stefan Lindblad, photo editing, illustration, vectorisering logotyper,

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Artist and graphic designer

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