Swedish Design according to Stephen Bailey at the Guardian

Swedish Design according to Stephen Bailey at the Guardian, the Brittish newspaper, a good one for that matter, wrote an article that was fun to read. Not only because he mentioned Sweden, but that´s a fun kind of reading over a cup of coffee at the local café.

According to him it sounds like all of Sweden have minus -30 celsius degrees. And he mention the detective novel series ”Wallander” by Mankell. Me who havent read the novels myself still beleives its placed in the south of Sweden. And I cant remember when – 30 celsius hit the south of Sweden. This country is a very Loooooong or Taaaallll country, depending how you prefer to look at it. And in the nothern part, yes it can be -30, but then we talk about way up north. Last time it was -20 celsius in Stockholm, was during winter time many years ago. Maybe 5 – 7 years ago. At least. But that said, -10 and -15 is a possibility in Stockholm, in february, which is slightly south of the middle of the country. And when this is said, when these temperatures do hit Stockholm, then with the humidity, stockholm which is built on islands, it really does get cold. And can easily feel more cold. Its goes in to your bones. Because of the humidity. But hey just relax, and dont shiver and tighten your muscles and you will be fine. And dont dress with to tight clothes. 😉

And Wallanders area is even ”hotter” than Stockholm.

Oh, and we rarely have snow during Christmas this south of Sweden. To have snow all winter, october to march, you really have to go more north than Stockholm. We get some snow in October/November shift useally for a week, sometimes two. But February is the real month for Snow and cold in Stockholm. November is the rainy dark month that makes no man happy. A britt would feel at home 😉 Oh, no we dont have polar bears on the streets.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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