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Font Pairings Contrasting that works Together

You have a project to design, and you like to use at least two different fonts that simply works nicely together – Font Pairing. I found a helpful article on the subject. Working myself with posters, book covers and using type faces in my illustration work, I know how you can feel when you get…

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Featured på

For many years now, been featured at | I många år nu varit ”Featured” på Corel Corps CorelDRAW hemsida. En ära i sig, och något som är roligt självfallet. Kanske 5-6 år nu. Ett av skälen är för att göra promotion för deras Photoshop motsvarighet Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Att som illustratör få möjlighet att nå…

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Nr 5 of my illustrations from my Colouring Book being coloured: Steampunk Woman

Here comes the Steampunk Woman coloured. Straight out of ”The Eclectic Colouring Book”. When I started drawing the illustrations for my Indie published Colouring Book, this was one of the very first I made. She has the same steampunk machinery on her back, like she who made it to the book cover. If you too…