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Thank you President Obama, soon Mr.

Thank you President Obama for making your 8 years, although way far from perfect, to at least have a better tone, seriousness and more grown up approach than your predecessor. You inherited a ferocious war, and we all, not only americans, share the effects of it in various ways. Maybe you shouldnt have pulled out the troops so early from Iraq – but you did say you would, and you did. You stood by your word. For better or worse. The Bush/Cheney era was the most mad presidential period I have witnessed america ever had. At least in my lifetime. And viewing it from afar, here in old Sweden. Rolling Stone magazine seems correct when they claim you to be the most successful president in american history, back in 2014.

"President Obama", Illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad, copyright 2016
”President Obama”, Illustration, drawing by Stefan Lindblad, copyright 2016 . I made this illustration in my sketchbook, while having coffee and a sandwich, at a local cafe here in Stockholm, Sweden. A computer gaming place, with a great cafe, in the subway train station.

I clearly remember how I as a younger version of myself, back in 1988, told some of my friends, that my generation didn’t seem to experience anything historically significant – and then Gorbachev arrived on the scene. The wall fell, and countries became free from decades of communist rule. I remember how in 1990 I traveled through europe by train, backpacking for a month. And everyone was experiencing and talking about the historic events – or let me rephrase it a bit: not everyone, far from it, but many enough. It was also the year of the world championship of football in Italy that year, 1990. And so much have happen to our world since then. incredible really.

Now, when your leaving your office, we once again read and hear and watch, the madness and ludicrous making a comeback. Why people never learn, is beyond me. And far from only in the US. Just look at my own country Sweden.

You showed with your eight years in office, that there still exist decency in US politics. Okay, I am not with you on every thing you have done these 8 years. But again, I am a Swede living in Sweden. So I mostly look at american presidents from a foreigners perspective – and for what your foreign policy means to me and the rest of the world.

Okay, hush-hush, don’t tell any other americans, they are sensitive to this, but I do look to what you have done domestically also. But I don’t say that too often to americans. Some of them go cranky if I as a foreigner dare to have an opinion on american politics. I guess its like it is over here in Sweden, with some swedes not liking when foreigners in america or Nauru island close to Australia, have opinions on Swedish domestic politics – if they have, that is.

But you are an educated fella. And I am sure you know the planet we all live on, is quite solid. And if it wasnt for all the water dividing us, we could all walk to each other.

Thank you again for making it okay to like america and americans again. I am just so tired over the fact, that unless Hillary wins, we might have a mad time coming again. Maybe if a republican win, John Kasich is a good alternative, he seem cool and decent enough to hold an office of yours. And he is not like that other guy. Equally, to be honest, if I was an american, I would probably vote Democrat. But I have american friends who are the opposite, and that’s fine with me. If we all could just get along better, in this world, it would be so much better. Which sounds like a platitude, but still true.

Looking at my own country, europe and the world, and contemplating over the future, it seems grim. Not hopeful.

Fingers cross the world of sanity get another 8 years

Now, i´m going to continue drinking my brew cup of coffee, and draw some drawings in my sketchbook, before I continue on the computer. Which means to finish drawing the drawing of you, President Obama, which you can see together with this blog article of mine.

I really enjoyed reading your second book. Looking forward to your third.

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, graphic designer and artist
Stockholm, Sweden
My laptop, my brew coffee, and my sketchbook out of the picture. Drawing the picture of Barack Obama in my sketchbook. And for the art geeks out there – as you can see in the photo of my drawing, I used Touch-twin markers and staedtler filt pen.

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