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The cafe´s importance for creative work

Illustration av Stefan Lindblad 2003 copyright

The importance of the café when it comes to creative work as an artist and illustrator can never be underestimated.
For several hundred years ago the café worked as a meeting place for important changes in people´s lives and in society as a hole while sipping on a coffee cup in Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Berlin to mention just a few places. I have no such ideas as they had, like the french revolution, but more trying to make great pictures like Hemingway, Picasso and others tryed. As good as I can. The café is the obvious place to go to. To extend my studio or living room. It´s liberating for the mind to create and think among other people without any must of one´s attention. That special attention that so easaly comes to life at work with collegues who says: ”Hello? toilet paper anyone?” or the ”Who took the cookies I was supposed to offer to my clients?”. The liberation from that sort of attention free the mind and let´s the pen make sounds on the surface of the paper while letting the a line become a picture or thought.

It is a small mystery that what might take five hours in the studio, takes ten minutes at the local café. And then I can finish it in the studio. Becouse of that I as an illustrator and artist often bring with me the artical´s sent to me from a client, read and make sketche´s at the café on the street.

Therefore I shout: Hey you boss! give your employés more time to have a coffee break!


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