The Difference between voting in the USA & SWEDEN

Difference between USA & Swedish elections. 53,4% voting in the US. In Comparison in Sweden, in the last Gov & Parliament, municipality – “Kommun & Landsting”, election 2014, A whooping 85.8% voted in Sweden, of those eligible to vote. Those allowed to vote in Sweden, are citizens from age 18. No need to go and register mayhem, we get a voting card sent home to us, and we bring an ID or Drivers licence. And of course we have majority “popular” vote and not electoral.
I also read that 11000 voters voted for a dead Gorilla in the US, called Harambe. Those 11000, could have changed the result. And In Sweden we of course have many people voting for odd choices. For example Donald Duck. Now Donald Duck is an american citizen, probably, so it is really a wasted vote. Again, Donald Duck is renamed into Kalle Anka in Swedish, so, maybe he would be eligible, with a swedish passport. Have to talk with Disney about that.
Stefan Lindblad

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