The Fabulous DMC 12 – my illustration of the DeLorean

Illustration by Stefan Lindblad, DMC 12, DeLorean car

I sketched, drew, this fabulous DMC 12, DeLorean Car yesterday. With my digital wacom pen in Corel Painter. For a webinar I am going to hold.

I’ve always loved this car since I saw it the first time, and in the movies with Michael J Fox. He and The Car was comedy heroes together with the Doc/Professor, and I loved every minute watching them. Thank you @realmikejfox ! for the fun Back to Future movies.

Loved dreaming away, just like it should be at the movies. I didn’t try to draw exactly how the car looks like in the movies. Instead I drew the car, and let myself be inspired slightly

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & Graphic designer

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