The Interview Series: CorelDRAW & PP user, Designer & Illustrator Anna Maria Lopez Lopez, Spain

My Interview series continues with “Designer & Illustrator Anna Maria Lopez Lopez, Live and work in Spain. Anna Maria Lopez Lopez is a CorelDRAW & PHOTO-PAINT user & Beta tester.

Anna runs her own freelance business. She is also the founder of the great spanish language Corel Community CorelClub http://www.corelclub.org I interview people I have come to know through Corel forums, and who are fellow beta testers of- and fellow CorelDRAW Graphics Suite users. And some of us have met in real life.


Your Name: Anna Maria Lopez Lopez

Websites: http://www.anna-om-line.com and http://books.anna-OM-line.com
I´m also the founder of http://www.corelclub.org ( The Spanish speaking Corel Community since 1996 )

Style & type of work you produce?
All kind of graphic and visual identity design for print and Web (graphic identity projects, brochures, art catalogues,flyers,displays,signs,book covers,advertisement campaigns, editorial illustrations, etc. Also I have experience in fashion design and creating graphics for fashion industry ( patterns, graphics for screen printing,trendboards, etc).
Regarding to my style, I like to mix all kind of graphic styles with vibrant colours, but my preferences are clear, I love vintage and retro style.


You like myself is a user of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. What was it that made you discover , and drew you to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?
I started my career using a Mac at school, but at that moment I found the Mac graphic software very limited for what I wanted to do. So I made a research asking some local designers about PCs and graphic design software, then I discovered CorelDRAW and from that moment on, I´ve been using it for creating all kind of graphics.

What year was it?


Which Programs do you use, Corel and none-Corel programs?
On a daily basis CorelDRAW, Corel Photo-PAINT and Corel PaintShop Pro. And, depending on the kind graphic project I am working on, I also use Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe FireWorks, and yes I must confess that sometimes I work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator ( some plugins and extensions don´t work with Corel software )



Do you use any analogue tools in conjunction with your work?
All kind of typical design tools ( pen, cutter, glue, rulers, scissors… ) for creating the roughs and paper mock-ups of printed works.

Which year was it you started your business, your work?

I´ve started working as a professional multidisciplinary designer on 1993.

Would you recommend CorelDRAW Graphics Suite?

For sure, I´m always recommending it! for many many reasons and advantages. Besides I´ve written several books ( http://books.anna-OM-line.com ) about digital design and fashion design by computer and on all my books I always recommend CorelDRAW for professional graphic and fashion design.



What, more importantly, made you begin working with the work you do today? After all you could have made a career as a hairdresser or something in that line instead, like any other human being.

Since I was a child I was very creative and imaginative, I always wanted to become a designer or creator, I did´nt have clear what kind of designer I could be, even now I consider myself multidisciplinary designer because It permits me to design lot of different things, like a magazine cover,a street banner ,a website or a coat.

What is that you like with your work?

The non-routine, every new project is a new challenge to improve my skills. Also my work is totally related to one of my other passions, technology, so the combination design+technology makes me love my work everyday.

In an interview in the Digital Artist Magazine, who interviewed me a few years back, I was asked what I would like to see in future versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Is there anything you would like to see?

I´ve have many suggestions but I´ve been asking for an improved CorelDRAW fill tool with symmetry options for creating symmetric seamless patterns. Also I´d love to see new tracing styles for PowerTRACE like an option to auto-trace with different shapes (circles, stars,letters…) ideal for creating advanced vector halftones for screen printing, graphic and fashion industry.

Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning?

Coffee a mug of coffee.

What do you think is important to think about running your own business or in your line of work, to think about. Is it discipline or and something else?

Discipline + hard work + passion for what you do

For someone just starting out, what do you think they should think about?

I think that the key to success is that you have to love what you do, and do your very best in every project you start, you have to consider your artworks as a medium to make this world a more beautiful place 🙂

Is there any big change in how and what you worked with when you first started out. Have the business changed in any way?

Internet has changed all! now I can design a CD cover for a musician in California, a book jacket for a publisher in London, a T-shirt for a screen printing company in Australia , etc, etc. We have no limits or frontiers and our designs can be global. Our designs are free to travel all around the world 🙂

Thank you!
Stefan Lindblad
Stockholm, january 2013

Copyright Stefan Lindblad & Anna Maria Lopez Lopez, 2013


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  1. Congratulations to Anna Maria, a fantastic graphic designer! Once again, another interesting interview promoted by Stefan.

  2. Thank you Silvio. Hope Anna sees your comment, she is a great artist. Liked a lot that she whanted to be interviewed.

  3. Anna, glad you accepted the interview. CorelDRAW rocks!

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