The movie Valerian by Luc Besson, where is Laurelinne? 

I just loved all the “Linda and Valentin”  comic albums I read as a kid. Absolutely stunning stories and the Art, fabulous stuff. By  Jean-Claude Mézières, one of my comic illustrator heroes together with Mobius.

And so good that eventually George Lucas and his team basically stole, sorry got VERY inspired by the Art, and made for instance The Millennium Falcon look very similar to, yep, Laurelinne & Valerian space ship.

What bugs me though, with the new movie, is that some dumb…  just name the movie the name of the male character. “Valerian”. Both characters are equally important in this comic. So it bugs me.

Wonder why Lucy Besson decided this, or whoever it was who took that decision.

Stefan Lindblad

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