Travel to Sweden and Color your memories

Stockholm Urban Mix is a colouring book for Adults. And all about Stockholm, capital of SWEDEN.

If you visited Stockholm previously, or on your way to do that, on your vacation or through work, a different and nice memory could be the new coloring book. All drawings are images made in Stockholm.

Stockholm Urban Mix on the table
Stockholm Urban Mix on the table

Stockholm Urban Mix theme and concept focused on making a book with many different subjects. To show the life in the town. Instead of only famous attractions. Instead, those attractions that are in the book, are made with a locals perspective and viewpoint. Book Available at Amazon



My hope is that anyone who color the drawings,  will enjoy it as much as I did who drew them.


Book Available at Amazon

For more information about the Coloring book for grown-Ups, Stockholm urban Mix, here are a selection of links to my website and Amazon.

Amazon Author Page

My website.

Pictures of my book cover, info and a image map, with selection of drawings included in the book.

Amazon, buy the book

My blog, text on the release day, June 1, 2016

And Instagram



Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator drawing and creating the book.

Coloring books for adults, canvas illustration press imprint, Createspace, Amazon. Stockholm Urban Mix, illustrations by Stefan Lindblad

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