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Tsipras and Greece say no – or yes

Mad day for Greece. Mad day for europe. I just read Greek primeinister Tsipras comment ” we are not a visitor in Europe, we are an equal”. Which is true. Greece is an equal.

It is just that tiny fact; the economy have been so corrupt and mismanaged and overly ”generous”, and that to me, that’s an insult to Greece itself. How can an economy be so mismanaged. I don’t get it. Do I think EU and IMF have done well? No, everyone have done something wrong. Takes two to dance tango. What I am afraid of now, is that Tsipras will move even closer to Putins Russia. Which Putin probably love. How close will Greece move to Russia. And if Tsipras does, what will it mean and how close.

Tsipras and Greece say no – or yes depending on how you look at it.

Will Greece survive if they leave the euro zone? Yes of course. But how it will move forward and how long it will take to get back in shape with a better managed economy, that’s for history books.

I keep all my fingers crossed. I believe in Greece. I must.

Stefan Lindblad

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