UK gov gone fully mental on copyright

Sadly the UK goverment seem to have fallen into the hands of either lobbyists like the Pirate Party in Sweden and other countries & EU parliament, or the Big corporations, and now fully not giving a rats ass of the copyright holders, such as ultimately the single creator. such as illustrators, photographers and so forth. You would think brittish gov and parliament to be more protective than this. Read more

Quote // “
Analysis Photographers, illustrators and authors will be amongst those to lose their digital rights under radical new proposals published by the Government today. New legislation is proposed that would effectively introduce a compulsory purchase order, but without compensation, across an unlimited range of creative works, for commercial use.
Millions of amateurs who today post their images to Flickr and automatically receive the full protection of the law, would also lose, unless they opted-out.”
//End Quote

Now, if you for a second think how much is going digital, there will be no way for a creative on his/her own to simply make a living. You can set up how many PayPal & equivalents support this and that buttons you like, and still not making money Because those who whants everything for free, dont give a rats ass if you make a living or not. After all we all have to pay our bills and eat, and this copyright infringments will only serve big corps and free lothers.

Here is a post I wrote in 2009, during the swedish EU election in swedish, Read this link using Google translate for reference.

Stefan Lindblad

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