Using Calculations in Corel Photo-Paint

Illustration copyright Stefan Lindblad 2008

Ever thought of using Calculations when either combining channels on a coloured image or photo, or just trying to get interesting effects applied to a photo or illustration? The latter is my tip this time. Interesting effects.

I wonder how many actually use Calculations in Corel Photo-Paint, the hidden gem. One of the nice things working with Calculations is to use the Merge Modes, which you find under the Method field. To try this, start by open two images.

A nice thing with calculations is that you can switch between two images or more, by using two image sources. You change image source in the Source field. Open the images, without closing the dialog, and shift between channels.

By using two image sources you can combine those two images, by clicking OK. When this is done you dont have two objects in the object docker, only one object. So this approach in image manipulation is in a way very brutal.

By either check or uncheck using all cannels or just the grey channel, you will get a coloured RGB or 8 bit image, using invert or normal effect on the image. If you are just working with a pencil drawing you scanned, you can try different ways to increase the intensity, contrast of the pencil outlines. When you finally click OK, you are combining channels and objects. And in doing this the interesting effects starts. With this tip I am not making a tutorial, more giving a tip in manipulating your images, creating an interesting effect. But look out, this tip will combine your images, channels, not separating them into two objects in the object docker.

The more useal reason to use calculations is not necessarily to get the interesting effect as I show in my sample image, but this is one way of using it. In my sample image I used one coloured photograph I took of a street in Stockholm, Sweden and a pencil drawing I made in London , England. A drawing I scanned into my computer and the photo I took with my mobile phone.

Have Fun!

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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