Using Skydrive, Dropbox, Yousendit? – Get Winzip and interact & get MORE!

On a weekly basis I send files to clients, both small and larger files, accompanied by that following question that often pops up; ”Can you sprend it!?” among some Swedish companies. Many of them use the service ”SPREND”. A Swedish equivalent to Yousendit. But they can also say – or I ask them; ”Dropbox?”, ”Yousendit?” and now ”Skydrive”. (No one have yet asked me to use icloud by the way, despite many Mac users among my clients. I would say no though.)


When I first started my own company back in 1997, I used Winzip to zip my files. Changes came along because with the computers of today with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can use the free Microsoft Compressed files feature to Zip files. And you can use other free Open Source programs as well such as 7-zip. And it all seems to be free doesnt it. Use it and be happy. But after many years myself using these free services I got a New Winzip license with my own new license of Corel PAINTER 12 box version. And I just love it. I got almost emotional LOL. Now I see once again why WinZip is such a great program. I always had a love for it for some reason 🙂

One time someone wrote on a tech blog asking why people actually buy Winzip when there are free services out there. But because its a great program and its still being developed and updated and enhanced all the time to go with the times, its simply obvious why one should use it. And its not only to zip a file. Its so much more. Its about what we do daily – send files and share in a safe way.

Now, WHY should I use Yousendit for example just came to my mind, when I have Winzip. Well I will keep Yousendit as it is a good service as well 🙂 But Yousendit ads that irritating icon on the status bar down by the clock in Windows 7. Use Winzip feature called ZIPSEND in the program. Right click a file, zip or open Winzip and select file>choose Zip Send in the menu. Your Email client/program opens up and you simply send it via email. There is a 50 MB FREE file size similar to Yousendits FREE account, and then there is for more powerfull file sending via email, read more here >

With Winzip 17 more new features have arrived – just love how the Winzip team keeps adding these features! – interaction with other services. Let me quote:

”Share large files anywhere—email, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter”

You can download a trial version to test it yourself. And you can read about it on Corels own website. Winzip, owned by Corel, have two versions of Winzip; Standard and PRO. The Pro version adds Backup and protect as well.


Winzip Standard and PRO versions

Here more detailed info from the website of Winzip, Corel” Or if you prefer

WinZip 17 Pro.
Zip. Protect. Share. Anywhere.

  • Unzip content from the industry’s widest selection of compressed file types
  • Zip files and folders into smaller sizes for faster, easier emailing
  • Protect files by encrypting as you zip
  • Convert to PDF, add watermarks and resize photos
  • Share large files anywhere—email, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Back up files automatically and protect against data loss”


Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator, Graphic Designer


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  1. On behalf of the WinZip team, thank you so much for the kind words Stefan! We’re trying to make WinZip the easiest, fastest and safest sharing tool out there and it looks like we’re on the right track. Cheers!

    Jacques Lamontagne at WinZip.

  2. Hello Jacques, Thank you for writing a comment to my blog on WinZip. And thank you for continuing making a great program. Behind computer programs are real people developing something for people to use. And the program you work on is a program truly used, and liked.

    From me to all at the Winzip Team, say hello and thank everyone 🙂

  3. Thanks for a nice blog Stefan!
    Have you tried to use CloudMe. The Swedish Dropbox competitor? Lot of sharing storing, sharing and Syncing capabilities under European legislation which makes it much safer than the US alternatives 🙂

    Mathias Ericsson,
    The CloudMe Team

  4. Thank you Mathias,

    I have never used CloudMe services, so I couldnt tell really what I think of CloudMe. But if you from CloudMe say its safe, then I guess we have to take your word for it 🙂

    On the other hand, I am not afraid of Corel/Winzip safety issue. Corel/Winzip have been around for ages, and Dropbox, its international and works. Many of my contacts outside Sweden as well as in Sweden uses Dropbox. And some use Skydrive from Microsoft.

    But in many respects I prefer Winzip and Winzip in combination of its own cloud service ZipSend. Brilliant!

    What I dont use and wont use is the Apple Cloud Service. Had to install ITunes on my PC laptop, and it was MAD. Did not like it, and Apple CLoud dont have the best rep either. One thing I think all cloud services misses out on, except SKYDRIVE for obvious reasons, is making its own APPs for Windows phone 7.8 and Windows 8. Allthough Windows Phone is a small player right now with Nokia Lumia Series of smartphones, to not be making apps for the WP & Nokia is a dumb decision.

    Yes I use Windwos Phone, Nokia Lumia 800 for the moment, and cant use any other Cloud Service part from Skydrive. Now, Mathias consider the first negative sales of Windows 8 making a turn around and become more used. And Skydrive is there on the Start screen in Windows 8 computers & Surface tab. If CloudME isnt offering anything for Windows Phone at this moment, you will loose on potential sales/uses. I would create a Windows app for WP 7.8 as well as WP 8. – today.

    Now, had you only used assigned to me to do the illustrations on your website, I might had used CloudMe 😉 Skämt åsido!

    In any case its always fun when Swedish companies pops up.
    And because its a Swedish company I link to your website:
    Good luck! Lycka till och hoppas det går bra

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