What is good design and what is bad design

Illustration by Stefan Lindblad for the Fly Nordic Airline magazine

I originally asked this question to members on the www.Coreldraw.com forum.

”What is good design and what is bad design.” What makes a good cover and what doesnt make a good cover. Is all that is Free of charge the best, or is payed the best, or does it have to do with money at all.

In our daily work when we create an illustration, cover for a book or graphic novel, graphic design, web design or take a photograph, and use all this in a official situation. Such as a flyer, broshure, book cover, powerpoint presentation, or whatever. What standard do you demand of yourself? Do you follow the road ”Anything goes” without reflecting, or do you ”over do” it?

Taste is different from person to person. That we all know. Its a subjective form of work. But its also a form of work that have a lot of rules attached to it. Some think we have to follow the rules, some think we should completly skip it. And some they just dont give a toss about it at all. Anything goes for them.

I had a discussion with an IT consultant on a train, on my way down to the Swedish book fair. He used Flickr to get all the photos he needed, for all his presentation material, such as PowerPoint and other presentations. It was free he said, and as good as anything made by a ”professional”. And why would Free be a less good photo, illustration or design, just because its free he asked.

Yes its a good question, and of course the answer doesnt have to be that free is bad. But to only look for what is free of charge, limits the development of ones own creative mind. Of course I let the IT consultant to start think again, to ponder on what he said, to open his mind, and so on, but that is how it is. Taste is different. What do you think?

International Herald Tribune wrote an article a bit on this subject: Design. Its written by a Design Critic. Read the article: iht.com >>

And another thing: is less is more always the secret and aproch to create good design?

Stefan Lindblad
Illustrator & artist

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